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  Date                                           City                                        Venue
No Scheduled shows at this time.

Recent Shows 

  4/22/16                                  Riverside, CA                             Mission Tobacco Lounge     

  4/16/16                                   San Diego, CA                          Navajo Live!

  3/26/16                                   Ventura, CA                               Discovery Ventura

          1/21/16                                     Tucson, AZ                                 Casino Del Sol

 2/5/16                                       San Diego, CA                          The Merrow

1/16/15                                      Pala, CA                                     Pala Casino

12/19/15                                    Corona, CA                               M15 Concert

12/4/15                                      San Diego, CA                          House of Blues

11/28/15                                    Hermosa Beach, CA              The Standing Room

 11/14/15                                   Las Vegas, NV                          Babe's

 11/13/15                                   Orange, CA                               Slidebar (soldout)

10/31/15                                    San Diego, CA                          Campland

10/10/15                                    Tijuana, MX                              The Black Box

9/26/15                                       Long Beach, CA                     San Pedro Brewery

9/9/15                                         San Diego, CA                         The Office Bar

8/18/15                                       San Diego, CA                         Campland

7/23/15                                       Long Beach, CA                      Gaslamp Tavern

6/23/15                                       San Diego, CA                         Kenclub

5/8/15                                         San Diego, CA                         The House of Blues (almost sold out)

4/11/15                                       Temecula, CA                          Uptown Tavern

4/10/15                                       San Diego, CA                         BNS Brewery

3/13/15                                       San Diego, CA                         710 Club

2/21/15                                       San Diego, CA                         Magnatron