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BMUSE is known for being the most authentic Muse tribute that none other has been able to approximate, from their brilliant synced light show to the originally-produced multimedia projection integrated to every song, to the amazing authentic soundscapes that comprise the larger than life Muse sound.
It has been BMUSE’s intent to not only recreate the music, but put on a theatrical show, integrating all the elements that make Muse who they are live.
The resemblance to the personal likeliness of the Muse band members, complete with accurate costuming, and the vocal likeness and musical execution make the concertgoer feel like they’re at a real Muse concert.
Muse sell out stadiums all over the world and are one of the top selling bands of the new millennium with over 17 million records sold and tons of hit songs from their seven platinum albums including hits such as: "Madness", "Knights of Cydonia" , "Time is Running Out", "Hysteria", "Uprising", "Starlight", "Supermassive Black Hole", "Resistance" and "Undisclosed Desires". BMUSE covers the earliest material to the latest; including Muse’s newest release with "Psycho", "Dead Inside", "Mercy" and "Reapers" all in current heavy rotation on the radio.  Full song list found here.
The fan base of Muse is broader than most across different demographics, owing largely to their hybrid genre-spanning sound drawing from progressive rock, dance, pop, punk, electronica and alternative all in one band.

Billie Stevens as Matt Billie Me -lead vocals, guitar and keys.

Sam Johnson as Chis Worst Inhome- bass, backing vocals, keys, sequencing, and lights.

Rodney Elliott as Dominate Howhard – drummer, percussionist, backing vocals.